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Our guild ranks are currently based by level. Initial ranking within the guild starts at "Initiate" regardless of level, and will remain that way for several days while on probation. Probationary period is designed to allow the initiate the opportunity to interact with each other and to see how the guild works. We are currently reviewing whether or not to revise or ranking system to an accomplishment based system (MUCH more difficult to set in place...) Currently our guild ranking system is composed of the following ranks:

Currently under review is the removal of the Page, Squire and Sergeant ranks and combine them into one. This is due mainly by the fact that the levels associated with these ranks are attained quickly.

more stuff will go in here as time goes by, I'm thinking of a random quote that you can submit via another webpage that I will add, also maybe online users can go in this block too. We'll see. there's lots we can do, and you can send me your suggestions via email.
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