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The rules: The rules will go here. -These a rough draft of our guild rules-

General guild rules:

Be friendly, helpful and share knowledge. This is not a guild for moochers (the american heritage dictionary defines mooch as: slang v. to obtain free; beg) Whereas our guild is very giving when it comes to many things, mooching is just not acceptable in our guild.

Guild chat rules /g:

Not everyone swears, please keep the f-bomb and other high-level swear words to the utmost minimum. what you do within your /w and /t (whispers and tells) is your business, but is subject to the user agreement we all agreed with prior to playing. Occasionally our guild participates in guild raid level activities. These little outtings are not necessarily raids, however same rules apply to raid chat /ra. Bottom line, know your audience and adjust your level of speech accordingly. Our guild is filled with many people from all walks of life and many people from around the world, to include people from America, Korea, Australia, China, and Israel! So make sure to adjust yourself accordinly while conversing in the /g!

more stuff will go in here as time goes by, I'm thinking of a random quote that you can submit via another webpage that I will add, also maybe online users can go in this block too. We'll see. there's lots we can do, and you can send me your suggestions via email.
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